Save the BBC Singers

Sir John Elliot Gardiner is one of my favourite conductors and I often listen to performances which he conducted - here is an example.  

I was not in the least surprised that he was chosen to conduct some of the music which will be performed at the King's Coronation.

However, I imagine that I was not the only person who was taken aback when a radio interview about the coronation turned out to be a full-on broadside from Sir John aimed at "the powers that be" including the government and the BBC.

In particular, Sir John was very exercised at the proposal by the BBC, since suspended but, unfortunately, not one which can be taken for granted to have been abandoned, to axe the BBC Singers.

The BBC Singers is a wonderful choir and it would be a grotesque act of cultural vandalism to shut them down.

As of this moment  149,583 people have signed the petition against the closure of the BBC Singers. I am one of the: if you would like to add your name you can do so by clicking on the link below.


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