Action to protect children

This week the government announced the formation of an independent panel to advise on the review of statutory guidance on Relationships, Sex and Health Education, and is working to introduce age ratings so that children always receive age-appropriate lessons in school.

  • The wellbeing and safeguarding of children is an absolute priority, and we all share the concerns of parents and teachers about reports that inappropriate lessons are being taught in schools.
  • That is why on 31st May the goverment announced an independent expert advisory panel who will advise on the review of the Relationships, Sex and Health Education curriculum which will consider the use of age ratings to make sure that that RSHE is taught in an age-appropriate and factual way across England. 
  • The government remains determined to bring forward new guidance as quickly as possible, with clear safeguards against children being taught concepts they are too young to understand or that are inappropriate for their age.


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