Setting speed limits in North Yorkshire

Councillor Keane Duncan, council cabinet member for Highways & Transport for North Yorkshire council, has announced a new approach to setting speed limits in North Yorkshire:

🛑 No to a default 20mph in every town and village ✅ A proactive, countywide review of limits on all roads - urban and rural 🚸 20mph limits and zones where there is community support, with schools and high-footfall areas prioritised 👮 Close cooperation with North Yorkshire Police to ensure speed limits are effective and enforceable
He writes that "Our approach reflects North Yorkshire’s diversity, empowering our councillors and communities to find tailored solutions rather than imposing 20mph in every location."

As a new resident of North Yorkshire who spent the last six years as a member of a highway authority in another area of Northern England facing some very similar issues, this seems to me a sensible approach reflecting the fact that the needs of the different towns, villages and countryside areas in North Yorkshire are very different.


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