Pay rise for NHS Staff

The government has announced that over one million NHS staff are receiving a payrise from 1 June - a fair and reasonable pay increase for our valued NHS staff as we continue to cut waiting lists.

  • Our hardworking NHS staff have played a vital role in supporting patients in the face of the Covid pandemic and they deserve to feel valued as well as having all the resources they need to do their jobs. 
  • Over one million NHS staff in England, including nurses, paramedics and 999 call handlers, will receive a backdated pay rise with newly qualified nurses receiving more than £2,750 extra over two years and over £1,890 in one-off payments this year.
  • Everyone hugely values the work of NHS staff and the vital role they are playing to cut waiting lists, one of the Prime Minister’s five priorities, and recognise the work they put in day in and day out.


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