Rishi in Moldova to meet fellow European leaders

There is no way to resolve the issues of migration, and particularly no way to address them while providing asylum to genuine refugees which is and should be one of our objectives, without the different nations of the free world working together.

So today, the Prime Minister addressed a gathering of the European Political Community in Moldova, urging our allies to step up collective action to protect our borders as we deliver on his priority to stop the boats.

  • Europe is facing unprecedented threats at it’s borders – from Putin’s utter contempt of other countries’ sovereignty to the rise in organised immigration crime across Europe – and the only way to tackle them is by working together.
  • That is why today the Prime Minister called on the European Political Community to step up their action on illegal migration – as well as announcing a new partnership with Bulgaria to destroy people-smuggling gangs, a returns agreement with Georgia and the start of negotiations for a similar agreement with Moldova.
  • We are relentlessly focused on working together with our allies across Europe to strengthen the security of our borders so we can deliver on the Prime Minister’s priority to stop the boats and keep our country safe.


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