Cracking down on sanction-busters

Today the UK  government announced a new unit to crack down on companies evading Russian sanctions, as we continue to starve Putin of the resources he needs to fund his illegal war in Ukraine. 

  • Alongside our allies, we have implemented the most severe package of sanctions on Russia ever seen on a major economy – but we must go further. 
  • That is why the government will set up the Office of Trade Sanctions Implementation early next year to clamp down on companies evading trade sanctions, including those against Russia. The unit will have greater powers to issue penalties for trade sanctions breaches, such as sending products through other countries, and refer cases for criminal enforcement to HMRC.
  • Our package of sanctions is working. Goods imports from Russia to the UK have already plummeted by 94 per cent and today’s announcement will ensure there is nowhere to hide for individuals and businesses propping up Putin’s war effort.


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