New Qualification in British Sign Language

Today the government has announced plans for a new GCSE in British Sign Language which will be in classrooms from September 2025, delivering on our commitments to create a more inclusive classroom and improving accessibility across the UK.

  • Conservatives are committed to making the UK a more inclusive and accessible place, delivering a brighter future for everyone including those who are deaf or have hearing impairment.
  • That is why the Conservative government has announced a new British Sign Language (BSL) GCSE is coming to classrooms across the UK from September 2025, breaking down barriers and giving young people valuable new skills, as we continue to take the right long-term decisions to improve accessibility and support for children and young people, including those who are deaf or have a hearing impairment.  
  • We have helped more disabled people into work and given millions of people the support they need, only the Conservatives are taking the right long-term decisions to deliver for all.


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