Cutting Energy Bills

Today the government announced that around a million families and hundreds of businesses will be helped to cut their energy use and bills, as part of our long-term approach to net zero – reducing the burden on working people. 

  • Investing in energy efficiency, combined with energy security, is the only way to stop ourselves being at the mercy of international gas prices and ensuring families are not hit with high energy bills.
  • That is why we are helping around a million homes and hundreds of businesses cut their energy use and bills. We are giving targeted support for 200,000 low income, cold and social homes and an extra £1.5 billion for the Boiler Upgrade Scheme, after the success of our 50 per cent increase in the heat pump grant to £7,500.
  • This will help keep families warm during winter, as we take a proportionate, pragmatic and realistic approach to net zero that eases the burden on working people.


Jim said…
Hmmmm, Heat pumps. Have they actually thought about thinking this one though?

you see the government set a target of converting 600,000 households a year, every year until 2028.
when it was first announced the overall finance was capped at £150m do at £5k each that would have funded 30,000 homes, but at £7.5k its 20,000.

but of course with a target of 600,000 homes per year, assuming a price of £7.5k, means the "boiler upgrade scheme" needs £4.5billion per year.

but a little digging reveals that the extra funding is actually £1.5bn, which isn't per year, but spread over 4 years 2025-2038.

so we have commitment to "upgrade" 50,000 per year for 4 years, or 200,000 over the four years.

we still have a shortfall of 550,000 homes each and every year, don't we.

maybe cut spending on education, then the plebs wont be able to count so well :)

Chris Whiteside said…
Thanks for your thoughts on this Jim.

The numbers I quoted were intended to highlight parts of a larger package: I will dig up the whole picture and post a more complete description.

Funding this is a huge challenge both for the government and many households, which is why the Prime Minister recently adjusted the heat pump policy to make it more attainable and reduce the extent to which it would have made things extremely costly well beyond the expected benefit for some homes and families.

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