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Jim said…
Just a question, and straight as always. So the UK government send David Cameron, Richi Sunak and King Charles to COP28, in Dubai, each one on 3 different private jets. Does the Conservative party even understand how bad that looks?

Just asking.
Chris Whiteside said…
I get your point, Jim and it is a fair one. It was right for them to go, but I think some consideration should be given to the question of how transport was sorted out - this could have been an opportunity to set an example of thinking of carbon footprints.
Anonymous said…
Don't forget the Climate Minister's nonsense to support Rishi's Rwanda vote.
Chris Whiteside said…
Jim's comment has some relevance to this thread and makes a clear and specific point.

Accusing the climate minister of "nonsense" over the Rwanda bill is neither relevant nor even explains where the anonymous poster stands on the issue.

A person who doesn't like the Rwanda bill could be, on one extreme, supporting unrestricted immigration, no effective action to stop the boats, and in consequence letting criminal gangs determine who can come here, or on the other extreme the comment could have come from someone who thinks the bill does not go far enough and that we should rip up Britain's treaty commitments under the European Convention of Human rights, or any of a wide range of positions in between.

I have no idea whether Mr or Ms Anonymous thinks the current Rwanda legislation goes too far, or not far enough.
Anonymous said…
Your Climate Minister flew back from COP for the Rwanda Vote then flew straight back to COP, only to return the following day. That is moronic.
Chris Whiteside said…
Thanks for explaining your comment, which I now understand.

It certainly seems unfortunate, but who is to blame will depend entirely on why it was not possible for the minister to get a "pair" with an opposition MP.

After Christmas I may try to find out whether than option was explored. If it was not, it should have been. If it was but pairing was refused, the people who are open to criticism for causing this situation are the opposition.

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