PISA study international education results

Yesterday the OECD PISA study named England among the highest performing Western countries in education – whilst in Wales, Labour lets children down with their worst ever PISA test results, showing that only Conservatives can be trusted with our children's future. 

  • Under Labour in 2009, Britain was 25th, 27th and 16th in international league tables for reading, maths and science. This has improved to rank 13th, 11th and 13th with our 15-year-olds performing above the OECD average in the international education league tables.
  • We must not be complacent. the COVID pandemic created great difficulties for students and teachers alike. But these international comparisons show that British schools, particularly those in England, have responded to these challenges better done better than those in many other comparable countries.
  • There is still more to work to be done, but we are making progress, ranking higher than Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden and Norway. However, Labour-run Wales received their worst ever PISA test results and now have the worst educational standards in the UK.


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