Thursday, April 30, 2015

Quote of the day 30th April 2015

My quote today is this poster idea from the folks at "Do what's right for Britain."

Some people will ask "Can't you aim higher than that?" and to be quite honest they have a very good point, but elections are about making choices between imperfect alternatives.


Jim said...

Hmmmm, do you go to Peters restaurant who serves the best dog poo, oh do you go to Pauls restaurant who serves the best cow poo?

Elections are not about imperfect choices, elections under the current system, are about deciding who is fit to run the country, who is fit to determine the level of tax you must pay, and who is fit to propose and endoce and legislate for the laws you must live by.

Thats what elections are about. Now you may well decide that none of the proposed people are fit for that, you may decide thats why we need a fundamental change to the system, One that prevents absolute power to such an unworthy few, thats why the current system does not work, and that's why we need Harrogate.

Chris Whiteside said...

I'm a little baffled by your disputing that elections are about imperfect choices. Let me express the proof as a sorites:

1) A general election is about choosing which of the candidates nominated is most fit to run the country.

2) In an imperfect world it is to be expected that all candidates nominated will have flaws.

3) If all candidates have flaws, a choice between them is a choice between imperfect alternatives

4) We are living in an imperfect world

5) Therefore it is to be expected that a general election will be a choice between imperfect alternatives. QED.

Jim said...

Chris, Your logic is undeniable. Now lets look at what your logic has just shown us.

"The system is flawed" - it makes us choose candidates to represent us when we cant be represented.

So, now your undeniable logic has lead you to understand the system is very very poor, the next question you must ask, if you want to follow the logic courageously is ....."so how do we make the system much better? How do we change the system to one that is more fit for purpose?.................."

Jim said...

^ QED squared

Jim said...
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Chris Whiteside said...

Well, we have to start by making it much easier for more people to get involved.

Listening better might be a good start ...