Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Tax pledges




Jim said...

its not enough. Its no where near enough. had you said - no tax raises without consent for ever, then i would have said thats a small step in the right direction, but you did not.

Not only should there be a "no tax raises clause, but also that any existing tax can be removed. well its not actually removed its just not renewed when it comes to its annual renewal (that is the budget) you see its embedded into demand 5 that every year the people must approve the budget, which of course means that if the people are sick of certain things then the budget wont be passed. What its doing is taking away the ability of a government to demand more in ny type of tax (including borrowing, which is a future tax), so much better than a 5 year promise from one not to increase certain taxes, but leaving others open.

5. No taxation or spending without consent:

No tax, charge or levy shall be imposed, nor any public spending authorised, nor any sum be borrowed by any national or local government except with the express approval of the majority of the people, renewed annually on presentation of a budget which shall first have been approved by their respective legislatures;

Jim said...

in other words, the budget is given, then parliament (once the executive have been excluded) vote on the acceptance of the budget, if they accept it then there is a referendum which asks the people if they accept it as well. If either Parliament or the people reject the budget, well then the exec have to "think again"