Saturday, September 17, 2016

A breakfast conundrum

My wife recommended that I try some of a breakfast cereal which is described by the makers as "really nutty." It was quite good and we are likely to purchase it again - but we really should not miss the opportunity to craft a nickname for it.

Trouble is there are too many options which the words "really nutty" inspires

Corbyn Crunch

Farage Flakes

Cheerio Katie Hopkins

Sturgeon K

After all, apparently cereals which really exist include n Addams family cereal, Sir Grapefellow, Tony's Turboz, and worst of all "Slimer! And The Real Ghosterbusters Cereal" (how could that name make anyone feel like eating?)

I'm sure we'll decide on one of them soon!


Jim said...

Westminster - there you go, done

Jim said...

For years i have thought there should be a sign above the entrance to the house of commons saying "Warning, contains nuts"