Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Never take any election for granted

Despite the best efforts of the Labour party to commit electoral suicide, something they have continued with a vengeance this week, I blogged a few days ago that nobody in any party should assume the next election is in the bag.

My old friend from St Albans council, John Whale (a good guy who I regarded as a friend and an honourable man when we weren't in the same party) wrote in response to the Facebook version of the post that

"If we think that the next General Election is won already we will lose it, and we will deserve to lose it"

He's absolutely right.

There is an excellent article in Reactions called "Don't fall for the idea that the Labour party is dead."

Although in most circumstances the current behaviour of the Labour party would almost guarantee an electoral disaster for them at the next election - and I do think that is the most likely outcome - the article rightly points out that these are not normal times and nothing can be taken for granted.


Jim said...

These are far from "normal times" you are dead right.

Its ok, your party can go on for now, but don't get too comfy, more and more people are opening their ideas to this

A while ago, actually it seems like eons now, but i digress. I wrote in a comment on this blog "a revolution starts with a whisper" but it grows and it grows and it grows and it grows. Very much like we spoke about Jesus and the Palm Sunday story, same sort of thing. Once its gone over that tipping point you cant kill an Idea, sure you can kill a person, but you cant kill an idea.

Martin luther King Jr is dead and has been for a long time, but who does not know that he "had a dream"? - and look how the world changed.

So are the biggest threat to the Conservative party Labour? - well I think we both know the answer there is no, and it wont come from the SNP or UKIP or the Lib Dem or the Green Party either, it will come from the electorate.


Chris Whiteside said...

That's the point - the electorate puts people in power and if they forget that governing Britain is a sacred trust and not some kind of divine right, the electorate can - and will - remove them.