Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Quote of the day 27th September 2016

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Jim said...

its generally because people dont know HOW to have a meeting.

Now I work as a manager in the telecoms dept, I know this is something you will know a little something about.

So do you hold a meeting about doing a job in a meeting room? - NO! - You hold it in the switch room where you want the work done.

when you are trying to get a group of different people from different contracting companys to work together, do you have a meeting in a meeting room? - NO! - hold it in the canteen and buy the coffee, you will get so much more from everyone there.

Its people who book up meeting rooms to hold a meeting for the sake of having a meeting that are the problem, you even find people who book up a meeting room, to have a meeting to organise a meeting.

So i guess the way I work I do quite enjoy meetings, because I tend to invite the right people to the right place, and we just sort of 'get things done'