Sunday, September 18, 2016

Ruth Davidson: Scottish independence would have been a disaster, let's not go back there

"After all the effort, commitment, hard work and sleepless nights of the campaign, I thought I’d be punching the air when we won. Actually, I wasn’t. I was quiet. Relief was a much more powerful emotion than joy. My country was safe. We hadn’t lost the UK. Now, we could come back together."

"Two years on, the relief is just as great. The economics of independence were always fantasy. We now know exactly what would have happened. A newly-independent Scotland would have been cast adrift into an extended oil price slump. The SNP’s dodgy sums would have been exposed in the most brutal, catastrophic fashion."

Two years on from the Indyref, Scots Conservative leader Ruth Davidson has written a very powerful plea to the SNP to honour the promises they made at the time accept the result and not "drag Scotland back to that place" from which the above quote is taken.

You can read her article here and it is well worth a read.

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