Monday, September 19, 2016

A Grim Fairytale from Momentum Kids

In a statement last night, the Corbyn-supporting group Momentum explained that:

"Momentum is to launch a nationwide initiative to increase the involvement of children, parents and carers in Momentum and the Labour Party. Momentum Kids, originally set up by two mothers in Stroud, will expand across Momentum's network of 150 local groups, ensuring that single parents and sole carers have access to cooperatively run breakfast clubs, after school sessions and child care they need to facilitate their political engagement."

Source here.

Adam Bienkov was probably right to suggest in his piece (linked to immediately above) that comparing Momentum Kids to the Hitler Youth, as one or two people have, is over the top and in bad taste.

However, a certain amount of mickey-taking is both legitimate and healthy ..

not to mention quite funny ...

And I particularly appreciate the spoof fairy story from which the "Midwich Cuckoos" graphic aboe is taken, by former Labour MP Tom Harris in the Telegraph:

"Welcome to Momentum Kids where you can live happily ever after in your own Corbynista dreamland."

Particular favourite line from the spoof story of a Corbynista rally where a little boy notices that the emperor has no prospect of victory:

"one little boy - a very naughty little boy - didn't understand what all the rejoicing was about. And he asked his mum,

"Why is everyone so happy when Theresa May is miles ahead in the polls and we're going to get slaughtered at the next election?"

And his mum was upset, so they set up Momentum Kids to re-educate such children.

"And they all lived happily ever after in the wonderful equal society that Jeremy created for them in his mind."

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