Friday, September 16, 2016

If there were an olympic gold medal "Pot calling the kettle black contest" ...

If there were a recognised Olympic sport for making "Pot calling the kettle black" comments then Labour MP Angela Eagle would have won the Gold Medal it on "Any Questions" this evening.

For - wait for it - accusing the Conservatives of not agreeing with each other.

Yes, that's right, one of the 80% of Labour MPs who have no confidence in their leader took time off from the Labour party's current fratricidal conflict to accuse the Conservatives of being divided.

This is during a leadership election campaign in which, as she pointed out at a different point in the same programme, MPs like herself, particularly female ones, have been on the end of vile abuse and threats, mostly from supporters of the other side in Labour's leadership row - so much so that she had to disconnect the phones in her office for a few weeks.

This from an MP who is one of the great majority of the former Shadow Cabinet who recently resigned from it because they could not support the present party leader.

This from a member of the party whose leader released a "hit list" of thirteen MPs who were supposed to have abused the leader this week.

A party in which two of the best-known  members exchanged insults on Question Time yesterday, and the shadow chancellor is alleged to have sworn at the former PM's head spin doctor after the programme.

You really could not make it up, could you?


Jim said...

No, Chris you miss the point.

there is minor disagreement in the Conservative party. There is not in the Labour party.

The Labour party is at all out civil war. To even state there is a bit of disagreement in the Labour party would be like saying "North and South Korea are having a debate over whom should wash and whom should dry the dishes"

Chris Whiteside said...

Indeed. The only part of that which I have any issue with is that I'm not clear on where I have missed the point - I thought I was saying pretty much much the same thing.

Jim said...

Maybe its me who missed the point then.

Baically I thought Angela Eagle was pointing out that there is a bit of disagreement in the Conservative party, but they are doing a very poor job of "disagreeing".

Basically, I thought she was saying something like "if you are going to disagree with each other then do it properly, just like we are"