Monday, December 19, 2016

Best spoof posts of the latter part of 2016

There have been some very funny spoof posts in the last few weeks, and not all of them from sites specialising in spoof news

For example, we learned from the Huffington post in 2010 that

Santa Claus's Naughty and Nice list has been hacked and published by Wikileaks.

But there have also been articles about Santa's list in the Daily Mail and other papers this year and we also learn that

students demand safe space from judgemental Father Christmas.

It gets harder and harder to tell what are supposed to be serious news stories from spoofs ..

One which did come from a "spoof" new website was the story that

NATO sabotage DA'ESH by making Southern Rail responsible for transport contract in Mosul

which you can read here. What a diabolical thing to inflict on Mosul even to stop DA'ESH!

The same spoof site told us of

Trump's Nobel prize -

Donald Trump has been awarded the Nobel peace prize after pledging to drone strike fewer people than Barack Obama.

The worrying thing about that story was how close parts of it came to making sense.

Then there was the story that the

Brexit bus has been nominated for a golden globe for best special effect.

That one concludes with the words

"The bus in question was unavailable to comment, but even if it had been no-one with any sense would have believed anything it said."

Another story tells us

"New Study shows that 90% of web users only read the headlines"

and that headline is all most people will be able to read anyway because the rest is in Latin.

My favourites spoof of the past few weeks  was the article in which we learn:

Government unveils new technology to stop journalists photographing sensitive documents.

It's called a brief-case.

Simply closing notebooks used by Ministers and officials is not a viable option, the article concludes, because “Most of them have doodles of Michael Gove dangling from a gallows on the cover.”

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