Thursday, December 15, 2016

Did Russia interfere with the US Election?

"The Economist" reports that the CIA told US Senators that Russian hackers had intervened in the US election and is alarmed that US politicians reacted in a manner which divided on a party political basis.

You can read their article here.

My view is that the evidence that Russia is trying to interfere is a matter of grave concern, and we should try to work out, on as bipartisan a basis as possible, how Britain should react if a foreign power tries to interfere in one of our elections.

My suggestion is that

1) all sides - both the side on behalf of whom the intervention was apparently taking place and anyone who the intervention was apparently designed to harm - should tell the foreign power concerned to mind their own business.

2) all sides should vote the same way they would have if the interference had not taken place. It would be equally unfair if someone was helped or damaged by an unsolicited attempt by a foreign power to interfere in their favour.

If everyone reacted against the candidate who an external agency appeared to be trying to help, that might merely provide another means for a crafty foreign power to interfere in our democratic processes through bluff: - instead of trying to help candidate A to defeat candidate B, they obtain the same objective by arranging for someone to get caught apparently trying to help candidate B win, watch the backlash sink B, and actually help A by appearing to do the reverse.

To protect the sanity of myself and readers of this blog I will avoid any analysis of the potential workings of any double or triple bluff ...

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