Thursday, December 22, 2016

Paul Goodman on Vice Signalling

Like the vast majority of people in Britain I was horrified by the terrible murder of MP Jo Cox.

I also thought that the great majority of people on both sides of the EU referendum campaign behaved with great dignity in in refusing to try to make political capital out it. There were a few exceptions but in general this is one of comparatively few things which both sides in the campaign can be proud of.

Her widower expressed the opinion a few days ago that blaming politicians for the actions of terrorist extremists starts one down a slippery slope. Whether you agree with this opinion or not, I thought some of attacks on him made in responses on social media were both unfortunate and way over the top.

Paul Goodman responds today on Conservative Home here to one of those attacks. As is often the case, Paul's views are well worth a read.

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