Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Sign of the times

I have written before about the life-changing impact of my eye operation earlier this year: one consequence of no longer being dependent on glasses is that I am finding that I notice things I previously missed.

I've certainly canvassed and delivered literature along Drigg Road in Seascale before today, but this afternoon I noticed an anti-trespass warning that I don't recall seeing before.

Perhaps I have the improved vision to thank, as I would have expected to recall a sign which should be a very effective deterrent against unauthorised entry.

It warns trespassers to beware of adders. Now there is a warning with a bite!


Jim said...

Often see them at sellafield, on the bank to the left hand side as you walk from the train station to main gate, they also like the banks of the Calder.

Adders are quite pretty snakes really. They will also tend to flee rather than bite people. The adder does have the most advanced venom delivery system of all snakes, though its venom is quite weak to a human (not a mouse though). People may die from adder bites but it would take a few days, and can be cured by taking a trip to hospital, the sooner after the bite the better. Though the only real cases of people being bitten are though their own stupidity (like picking one up for example).

Chris Whiteside said...

Thanks, that's interesting. I think you are right that a human would have to be pretty careless to get killed by an adder, but I still think the sign is probably a much more effective way of keeping out unwanted visitors than a "Trespassers will be prosecuted" sign.

Mind you there are a plenty of signs around this part of the world which are probably even more effective at keeping out unwanted visitors.

Variants on "Danger, Radioactive materials" and "Danger, MoD Weapons Research Establishment Eskmeals firing range" spring to mind!

Jim said...

The "danger of death" was always my favourite, you often see it on pylons and in substations

it kind of gets the point across