Sunday, December 18, 2016

The Economist magazine predicts Labour will "fade to irrelevance" in 2017

The Economist's "The World in 2017" special issue has a prediction which is bad news for those who want our country to have a properly functioning democracy, which is supposed to include a strong opposition.

Jeremy Cliffe, who is currently "Bagehot" in The Economist magazine, predicts in the special issue that following Jeremy Corbyn's first "abysmal" year as leader of the Labour party, he will continue to focus on internal battles, causing Labour to fade into irrelevance in 2017.

There will be those (including some members, for the moment, of the Labour party, whose reaction will be along the lines of "I thought they already had."

As Labour remains concerned mainly with the party's internal battles, Cliffe concludes that

"The result will be something like a one-party state. The Conservative left, the Scottish Nationalists and the Liberal Democrats will try to hold Theresa May and her government to account. But with the main opposition party in such an introspective funk, they will struggle. Britain will be the poorer for it."

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