Friday, December 23, 2016

Campaigning in the rain ....

Despite the worst that Storm Barbara could do - and to be quite candid the weather was absolutely filthy - Copeland Conservatives had a successful campaign day with a good turnout of local people from the constituency and a marvellous turnout of ten, repeat ten, parliamentarians most of whom brought friends, family or supporters with them.

Absolutely fantastic to get that kind of support two days before Christmas in the teeth of everything Storm Barbara could drop on us, both rain and hail, and with many of the people there having had at least a four hour round trip to get here and back home.

On the local side both myself and Stephen Haraldsen were there with our respective wives and offspring - and to paraphrase the bible, a partner who is willing to come out and support you in weather like today's is certainly above the price of rubies - and we were also supported by local councillors and activists including Cllr John Dirom and parish councillor Paul Turner. 

We had a strong contingent of parliamentarians including Andrew Stephenson MP from Pendle and John Stevenson MP from Carlisle, plus David Morris MP (Morecombe and Lunesdale), Paul Maynard MP (Blackpool North), Wendy Morton MP (Aldridge Brownhills),  William Wragg MP, (Hazel Grove), Stuart Andrew MP, (Pudsey, Horsforth and Aireborough), David Nuttall MP (Bury North), Mark Menzies MP (Fylde), and Baroness Williams.

Very many thanks to all the wonderful and dedicated people who took part: besides those I have mentioned above others who were there included James Bennett, Dorothy Wonnacott, Neville Lishman, Hannah Dolan, the Lamb family for their support and hospitality, and I know I've missed quite a few others to whom I apologise.  (I don't have the list in front of me but we will make sure everyone gets recognition and thanks.)

I think we were all pretty drenched by the end of it (despite wearing heavy duty wet weather wear I had to completely change my clothes when I got home) but we arrived home happy in the knowledge that we'd proved you can get the job done no matter what.

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