Wednesday, January 11, 2017

A day when both Corbyn and Farage sank to new depths of lunacy

It is difficult to find adequate words to express how foolish I regard the positions taken by both Jeremy Corbyn and Nigel Farage today.

Corbyn has not had a good week, with even left-of centre commentators like Phil Collins in the Times and Suzanne Moore in the Guardian decrying his attempted re-launch and writing things like

"Labour's Corbyn reboot shows exactly why he has to go."

On foreign policy it is striking how similar, how naïve, and how potentially disastrous for Britain's security the gullibility of the looney right and the looney left are.

The only difference is that Nigel Farage buys the ludicrous propaganda coming out of Vladimir Putin because he hates the EU so much that to him any enemy of the EU must be a hero and the EU must be the cause of any problem, while Jeremy Corbyn buys the ludicrous propaganda coming out of Vladimir Putin because he hates the West, NATO and the USA in particular so much that to him any enemy of the USA must be a hero.

Putin is not Stalin or Hitler but he is a very dangerous man who only understands strength and who is always quick to take advantage of anything he sees as weakness.

If NATO or the USA had done to any city in the world what Putin's airforce has just done to Aleppo, or had treated any country the way Russia has treated Ukraine, the likes of "Stop the War" wouold have had half a million people marching in London to protest about it.

There have even been a few of the more intelligent and consistent lefties who have.

Yet to Nigel Farage, talking on LBC "the EU is more dangerous than Russia" and any attempt to build up trade links with Eastern Europe or suggest that countries like Poland, Lithuania or Ukraine have any right to the same freedoms we aspire to is "poking the Russian Bear with a stick."

Meanwhile Jeremy Corbyn has suggested that helping NATO allies in Eastern Europe be ready to defend themselves is 'escalating tensions'.

Both Corbyn and Farage and being very unwise in lining up with the wrong side in what could develop into a new cold war.

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