Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Theresa May backs Moorside new nuclear plant in Copeland

Prime Minister Theresa May declared today at Prime Minister's Questions (PMQs) that the nuclear industry has a ‘crucial role’ in our country’s energy needs and welcomed the proposals from NuGen and Toshiba to develop a new nuclear power plant at Moorside.

NuGen has stated that the new Moorside plant will create up to 21,000 new jobs in the local area.

Mark Menzies, the Conservative MP for Fylde, raised the issue at PMQs today, making the case for the nuclear industry.

The Prime Minister replied that

"New nuclear does have a crucial role to play in securing our future energy needs"

She added

“I very much welcome the proposal from NuGen and Toshiba to develop a new nuclear power station at Moorside in Cumbria, and the Department for Business continues to work closely with NuGen and other developers as they bring their proposals forward.”

Responding to the question, Carlisle MP John Stevenson said:

“The nuclear industry is a crucial part of Cumbria’s economy. So many jobs depend on it. Under this Government, we have the chance to expand the industry, get fresh blood and new ideas in to the system.

“This Government is backing the first nuclear power plant in over 20 years, providing secure sources of energy for the next generation, and our commitment – reaffirmed by the Prime Minister today – will trigger big benefits for Cumbrian businesses and ordinary working people.

“I know many people will want to use their vote in the upcoming by-election to back these plans and secure these jobs from the threat posed by Jeremy Corbyn’s opposition to them.”

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