Saturday, January 07, 2017

Another good campaigning day today in Copeland

Here are some several dozen Conservative activists who were out campaigning today in Copeland:

Most were from Cumbria, including a contingent from the constituency, but we were also grateful for the support of several people from other parts of the country some of whom had very long journeys.

Both of Cumbria's government ministers - Rory Stewart MP and Oliver Henley - were campaigning with us today along with Regional Chairman Sir Robert Atkins, Andrew Stephenson MP, Guy Opperman MP and several other parliamentarians today and over the past couple of days. I know how long a trek it is to Robert Jenrick MP's Newark constituency as I went down there to campaign in his by-election so appreciate him making the same trip yesterday in the opposite direction along with fellow by-election victor Dr Caroline Johnson!

Despite the damp weather we had a great day's campaigning with a friendly reaction on the doorstep and thousands more leaflets delivered.

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