Thursday, February 02, 2017

Remind me not to park outside Workington Police Station ...

Cumbria Police is one of the most efficient police services in the country - and that's not just county pride but a statement based on comparisons from the police inspectorate - but the force in Workington had a bad day today.

Late last night officers became concerned about a car parked outside Workington police station containing objects which, quote "were at the time thought to be suspicious."

The station was evacuated and a 100m cordon placed around the area, and a controlled explosion carried out, and then the remains of the car were searched and the "suspicions negated."

Unfortunately, as a police statement here explains, quote,

"It has now been established that the vehicle was parked outside the station by police who had assisted the owner when he had taken ill elsewhere in the town. Due to an internal communication error officers dealing with this morning’s incident were not aware of this."

The poor devil who was given the impossible job of explaining this incident to the public and putting a brave face on it, Inspector Ashley Bennett, said that

“We have made contact with the owner of the vehicle, explained the situation and have apologised to him.
“The officers who dealt with this morning’s incident did so with public safety in mind and followed the appropriate procedures in respect to an unoccupied suspicious vehicle.
“The Constabulary will review this incident and will take on board any learning.”
I do hope the owner of the car made a full recovery and managed to avoid a relapse when told what had happened to his vehicle.

We shouldn't laugh about this, not least those if us who are Cumbria council tax payer and will presumably be forking out to replace the car.

Perhaps as part of the "any learning" they need to "take on board" Cumbria police should review their procedures about when to blow things up. It might even be a good idea to take some advice from the military who know a thing or two about such issues.

Wonder if our police and crime commissioner might be able to put them in touch with someone suitable like a former Colonel in the Corps of Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers ...


Jim said...

"You were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off"

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