Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Cumbria NHS statement about today's decisions

CCG Decision about West Cumbria's Hospitals

This is what the "Success Regime" posted about maternity on their website earlier today, Wednesday 8th March 2017 following the CCG decision.
"NHS Cumbria Clinical Commissioning Group’s (CCG) Governing Body met today to discuss and make decisions about the future of healthcare in west, north and east Cumbria.
The options were the subject of a public consultation between September 26 and December 19 2016.
The meeting considered recommendations developed from the options consulted upon, in light of the public feedback, and following subsequent clinical workshops.

The Governing Body decided:


To implement and test the viability of Option 1. To maintain consultant-led care at the West Cumberland Hospital, with some high risk women giving birth in Carlisle. During a 12 month period there will be an Independent Steering Group established to involve the community working in partnership with health professionals (co-production) to enable the very best efforts to be made to tackle the challenges the service faces, particularly around recruitment and retention of key staff, especially in paediatrics and anaesthetics. An important element of this co-production work will be an independent review of anaesthetist recruitment in relation to maternity services undertaken by the Royal College of Anaesthetists as soon as is practically possible.

At the same time there will be the development of an alongside midwife-led unit at the West Cumberland Hospital. The unit will be assessed as though it were ‘free-standing’ to better understand the level of risk to expectant mothers and babies.

If Option 1 is not proven to be deliverable or sustainable then Option 2 should be implemented at the end of the 12 month period (Consultant Led Unit and alongside Midwifery Led Unit at Cumberland Infirmary Carlisle and a standalone Midwifery Led Unit at West Cumberland Hospital).

If following the audit of the midwife led unit, Option 2 is not deemed to be safe, then Option 3 should be implemented. (Option 3 is a Consultant Led Unit and alongside Midwifery Led Unit at Cumberland Infirmary Carlisle and no births at West Cumberland Hospital)."
The full statement including details of decisions affecting other services can be read on my hospital blog here or on the NHS Cumbria Clinical Commissioning Group's website here

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