Thursday, March 16, 2017

Second Quote of the Day 16th March 2017

"Politics stopped working normally a while ago. The Tories will probably be 23 points ahead in the next poll.

This is what happens when the leader of the opposition has the charisma of Albert Steptoe and the intellectual dexterity of a cinnamon whirl.

A prime minister’s questions in which the PM admits to a U-turn on a key policy should not end with her own side smiling and laughing.

On the Ides of March, with Julius Theresa wearing a target upon her back, the Islington Brutus plunged a dagger into his own left testicle. "

(Patrick Kidd, Parliamentary sketch, source Times/Sunday Times red box here)


Jim said...

Its what happens when a system breaks down, Its more showing that the titanic system of representive democracy has now hit the iceburg.

that is exactly the point, its no use trying to board it now and try and fix it from within, much the same way as the EU proved with "Daves deal" it cant be reformed from within.

Better to get off into a lifeboat for the start, like we have done with brexit, and better to let the titanic sink and build a new one from the start.

Jim said...

Though I do feel your pain in a lot of ways. (without trying to sound too much like my grandma) The sense of "entitlement" a lot of people have now beggars belief. Apparently we are now born 'entitled' to food, shelter and warmth, healthcare, spending money and a good standard of living.

Thats before we lift a finger and think about actually earning it. We got to the point a couple of years ago with this where we were hearing about people who "NEED a labour government" - due to that party 'buying votes' with handouts and things.

It made people dependent on governments, which is never a good thing, as governments are dependent on the people. Governments have no wealth, all they have is that they are allowed to 'tax' money from people who work in the private sector. They can also 'borrow' but they never do so in their own name its future tax payers who foot that bill. So its a way of taxing people who have not even been born yet.

This whole charade will of course end in disaster, and as i said i think this titanic system has now hit the iceburg.

Chris Whiteside said...

We'll see. It would function better if there was a better opposition but one way or another I trust the voters to make sure we get one, sooner or later.