Sunday, March 19, 2017

Poll of the week

Speaking as a Conservative who believes it is in both our own interest and that of the country that we have at least a half-competent opposition to keep us on our toes, the total and utter failure of Jeremy Corbyn's Labour party to provide it is becoming embarrassing.

When the Conservatives last went through a really, really bad patch twenty years ago, the hardest thing to take was not when I encountered hatred. Nor was it being taken for a joke. The hardest thing to take from my political opponents was pity. Partly for that reason I try not to feel pity for members of the Labour party. The other thing I keep reminding myself is that the Conservatives are not popular, it is only the total failure of our opponents which makes us look less dreadful by comparison and we still need to do better and avoid complacency.

Intelligent commentators who are not on the right or centre-right - a few of them do exist - are in a total state of despair and writing things like the column Nick Cohen penned this weekend,

Don't tell me you weren't warned about Corbyn.

This is the latest poll for "Who would make the best Prime Minister?"

Labour supporters of a sensitive disposition may wish to look away now ...

It's been suggested that his figures would not be quite so bad if he changed his name by deed poll to "Don't Know."

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