Thursday, March 23, 2017

When a "Spoof" site says no more than the truth

Sometimes the truth is so absurd that Spoof websites find it difficult to parody. Sometimes the opposite happens.

Today one of the clearest statements of things not being absurd came from "The Daily Mash" a spoof site who publish parodies of news stories designed to amuse, who today wrote

"London in grip of normality."

"LONDON is today in the grip of normality, with millions having their breakfast then going to work.
As the sun rose on a slightly chilly but otherwise pleasant spring day, residents of the metropolis faced up to doing the things that they would ordinarily do.
Librarian Susan Traherne said: “I’m going to have a bowl of Jordan’s Country Crisp with the dried strawberry bits in it and a cup of tea, and then get on the busy tube train to my work.
“I might read a few pages of my book on the way, if I can be arsed.
“As ever it will be a long and tiring day, and the city can be frustrating but it’s really not too bad.”
24-year-old accounts assistant Wayne Hayes said: “After work I’m going to a bar where they just sell small batch gin and ironic retro crabsticks.
“You might find that annoying and I suppose it is a bit, but hey it’s a free country.”

I presume they have made up the quotes but otherwise the joke, if there is one, is that this is all completely true.

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