Saturday, March 25, 2017

Don't forget we lose an hour tonight !!!

Clocks go forward an hour tonight in the UK as we switch from Greenwich Mean Time to British Summer Time.

One second after 1:00:00 am GMT on Sunday 26th March the time will be 2:00:01 am BST.

So we get one fewer hour's sleep.

Especially don't forget if you are going to Church tomorrow as walking into the Mothering Sunday service an hour after it starts would be particularly embarrassing.

Most people manage to forget the time change at some stage in their lives and most people only do it once. I'm just glad I managed to do it in the Autumn rather than the Spring and so nobody was there to see me turn up for church an hour early. That was more than thirty years ago when I was a student and I've never made the mistake again ...

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Jim said...

its not too bad this way around, it means that the supermarkets open an hour earlier when you are out of milk, which means you can have your coffee sooner. Nothing worse than having to wait till 10.