Friday, March 10, 2017

Transport Secretary comes to West Cumbria to announce Roads investment

Transport Secretary Chris Grayling visited West Cumbria today to announce the investment of £220 million of taxpayers' money to tackle traffic hotspots.

He visited the Great Clifton A66/A595 roundabout, a key intersection affecting both the Copeland and Workington constituencies where one of the proposed improvements is to take place, with new Copeland MP Trudy Harrison.

Traffic hotspots across England have been identified by Chris Grayling to receive millions of pounds for junction upgrades, roundabout improvements and better traffic signalling.

The first wave of schemes, worth about £110 million, will cut congestion and journey times for motorists and improve safety. They will be completed by spring 2020.
This includes 2 larger projects, worth £30 million, which will create an unbroken stretch of dual carriageway on the A69 between Hexham and Newcastle. A further £14 million will go towards creating a new junction on the M11 to provide another route into Harlow, cutting journey times as well as unlocking housing developments.

A further £110 million will be invested on improving more roads, with details to be announced later.

More details on the government website at


Anonymous said...

Upgrading recently built roundabouts, stunning.

Chris Whiteside said...

And, more to the point, widening the roads in the vicinity of the Bridgefoot roundabout.

Not sure what your definition of "recently built" is but that roundabout has been there for well over a decade.

Jim said...

would quite like to see the A66 between penrith and that roundabout as full dual carridgeway.

worst bit is beside Bass lake, where they keep on ruining it, westbound used to be a fantastic bit of road.

Anonymous said...

That roundabout was only put in in ~2002 when the Stainburn bypass was built,the highways agency refused to put one in until then. In highways that is recent.

Chris Whiteside said...

So "recently built" means "put in fifteen years ago."

To be honest there has been quite enough change in traffic patterns the past decade and a half to justify some improvements.