Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Permanent housing rather than dormitories proposed

I was pleased to read that NuGen have realised that to support the Moorside new nuclear Build project West Cumbria will need more permanent housing rather than dormitories.

Speaking  at a conference this week for Local Authorities involved in new nuclear build (NNLAG),
Gary Shuttleworth, corporate affairs director for Moorside's developer NuGen, said that "creating sustainable legacy solutions" are its priority for the multi-billion-pound development planned for land next to Sellafield and its associated housing and transport links.

The firm's previously-revealed proposals for temporary student-style worker villages, earmarked for Mirehouse, Corkickle and Egremont, have rightly been criticised in some quarters.

Giving an update on NuGen's current accommodation plans, Mr Shuttleworth said that:

"Using and refurbishing social housing stock and new-build developments are integral to our plans; they could be converted from worker housing to family homes after their use.

"In this sense, people would be integrated into the community. Having temporary accommodation would miss the opportunity of integration.

"We do not want a sphere that sits outside the community. Working with social landlords and private developers, we want instead to enhance the sense of pride in the community, and communities to grow in a cohesive way."

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