Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Theresa May's interview with Andrew Neil on Brexit


Jim said...

she cant even answer her own question on the four freedoms. she says

"what are they? well, its the importance of free movement, and of course we have said we want to control movement from the EU, er its the err, the membership of the single market entails accpting that free movement, it also entails accepting the jusidiction of the European Court of Justice, these are exactly things that people voted to reject, when they voted to leave the European Union, and so i have accepted that we can not have that membership of the single market, because to do it, would mean accepting things that the voters have said they dont want, but what we can do, I belive is to get a really good trade agreement with the European Union, in terms of access for our business to their single market and of course for their businesses to our market"

as you see I included the entire thing, you can check that yourself 12:00-13:05. So there is no "quote mining" thing possible here.

So where do i start with this one?

Jim said...

Well lets start here, the four freedoms, what are they,

listen up Theresa

Free Movement of goods
Free Movement of capital
Free Movement of Workers
Free Movement of Capital

we got that?

no it does not come from Jurisdiction of the ECJ, Norway does not fall under that either. Its the EEA agreement treaty you see.
Every one else, Norway, Lichenstein and Iceland access this using EFTA. of course that leaves the question where does Switzerland get it then? - well the answer is they have bi-lateral agreements, but are still subject to the EFTA courts. so the answer is No it comes from EFTA.

Did the votes say they did not want free movement, did they say they wanted freedom of the ECJ even, well no the question was "should the UK leave the European Union" the answer to that was yes, dont try to pretend people answered a question that was not asked.

Jim said...

My error there, the 4th freedom is movement of services, i typed them in and unusual order.

but as you can see they are all about free movement, which is something she is saying she wants later on, free movement of goods for example

Jim said...

Secondly, the referendum was about "leaving the European Union" it said nothing, NOTHING, Zero, Ziltch, Nowt, diddly squat, Bugger all about any of the 4 freedoms, or of the single market.


The voters said they wanted to leave the European Union, that is it.

Chris Whiteside said...

Since the leave campaign demonstrably and apparently deliberately failed to clearly articulate what they actually wanted the government to do if they won Theresa May ahs been put in the position of trying to work out what people wanted to achieve by voting Leave.

It is not unreasonable to interpret this as a wish to "take back control" particularly from the ECJ and over immigration policy.

Obviously when negotiating with the EU and drafting legislation it is necessary to pay attention to detail but when trying to explain the general principles of your negotiating position on Brexit to a wider audience an obsessive attention to fine detail can be counterproductive.