Thursday, June 29, 2017

Annual meeting of Cumbria County Council - part two

During the question session at Cumbria County Council I asked the portfolio holder for Roads and Transport how many "shovel ready" schemes we have to improve the A595, either on the section of the road for which Cumbria County Council is responsible, or on the section which is still a trunk road dealt with by government, and what progress there had been since the last meeting.

There were some general comments made but I was promised a written response with full details which I presume will be in the public domain and will share.

I also indicated that, just as Cato the Elder repeated endlessly in the Roman senate the words "Carthago delenda est" (Carthage must be destroyed) I intend to keep asking this question again and again until we have significantly more progress in improving this road.


Anonymous said...

There's nowt wrong with the A595

Chris Whiteside said...

Either you live a long way away from West Cumbria or you have forgotten to take your medication.

Chris Whiteside said...

Anyone who is new to the area and wants to understand some of the issues with the A595 could do a lot worse than get hold of today's Whitehaven News, turn to the letters page, and read a long letter from a resident of my division (from Bigrigg) about road safety issues.

There may not be full agreement over what to do about it, but there is an extremely high degree of consensus that there are both capacity and safety issues on the A595, and that the former cause many drivers to seek alternative routes through the rural villages in the area - including those that I represent - which have significant detrimental consequences for my constituents and those of other councillors. As it happens I spent part of this evening walking around onother of those villages (Moor Row) with two concerned local residents to see and discuss the issues.

Anyone who lives in the area "served" by the A595 and has done so for any significant left of time and is still capable of suggesting that there is nothing wrong with that road is, I'm afraid, beyond help or rational argument.