Friday, June 23, 2017

Congratulations to Colonel Ruth

Ruth Davidson, leader of the Scottish Conservatives, has been appointed as the honorary Colonel of her former army unit, the 32nd Signal Regiment, for a five-year term.

The reserve regiment includes squadrons based in Edinburgh, East Kilbride, Glasgow, Belfast and Darlington.

This is an honorary position which is normally filled by a retired senior officer or member of the Royal family but can be undertaken by public figures.

Ms Davidson was asked to take on the role due to her work in the Territorial Army before she became an MSP and her backing of reserve forces while in parliament.
She said:

"Reservists make up over a quarter of the British Army and the UK's defences rely upon them.

"As well as the specialist skills required for the type of regiment you join, the training you receive as a reservist develops leadership, decision making, teamwork, confidence and moral courage.

"I loved my time in uniform and am so grateful for everything it taught me. I am delighted to have been asked back to my former regiment to act as its honorary Colonel for the next five years."

Tomorrow marks Armed Forces Day across the UK.

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