Saturday, June 10, 2017

Quote of the day 10th June 2017

"I'm sick of 'Liberal' men whose mask slips every time a woman displeases them, who reach immediately for crude and humiliating words."

"When you do this, Mr Liberal Cool Guy, you ally yourself, wittingly or not, with the men who send women violent pornographic images and rape threats."

"Every woman I know who has dared to express an opinion publically has endured this kind of abuse at least once."

"If you want to know how much fouler it gets if you also happen to be black or gay, ask Diane Abbott or Ruth Davidson.

"I don't care whether we are talking about Theresa May or Nicola Sturgeon or Kate Hoey or Yvette Cooper or Hillary Clinton: femaleness is not a design flaw."

(J.K. Rowling, from a series of tweets criticising online abuse of women, whoever it comes from and whoever it is aimed at.)

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