Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Four steps to fight terrorism

Four measures which Theresa May and the Conservatives will take to protect us against the threat of terrorism if the Conservatives are re-elected.


Anonymous said...

Make use of the information (and powers) you already have.

Chris Whiteside said...

Yes, obviously the government should do that first.

And I would certainly not suggest that the powers of the security services should be lightly extended.

But is it really unreasonable to suggest that as the threats we face evolve the way re respond to them also needs to evolve? And that this might require some update to the legal authority of the security services?

There is a balance to strike here.

Absurd articles in the papers with lurid headlines like "May threatens to rip up human rights laws" do not reflect the carefully nuanced words Theresa May actually used.

Anonymous said...

Nuanced words?
"Enough is enough" - "Brexit means brexit" - "Covfefe means covfefe".

Chris Whiteside said...

Are you confusing May and Trump? They sound quite different to me.