Thursday, June 15, 2017

Learning points from GE2017

My old friend Giles Marshall, who arrived at Bristol University about the time I was a sabbatical and who I subsequently met while we were area officers in the Young Conservatives, served together on the Conservative party's National Advisory Committee on Education, and were members of the Conservative Education Association, has written an excellent piece about learning points from the 2017 general election for the "Politics means politics" site.

It is called

"Election takeaways in 2017."

Although inevitably most of the piece is aimed at explaining how the Conservative leadership managed to throw away a position in which the main threat at the start appeared to be that everyone was convinced we were going to win a landslide, there are learning points in this well considered article for all parties.

When I posted a link to Giles' article on my Facebook wall it received strong agreement not only from friends representing very different strands of Conservative opinion, but also from several of my friends whose political views are at various points on the political centre or left. (Yes, I do have some friends who are not Conservatives!)

You can read Giles' article here.

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