Monday, June 12, 2017

Jeremy Corbyn salutes "Inclusivity and tolerance" of Iranian regime

I certainly don't want to suggest that there are no issues at all with the DUP's record of tolerance and inclusivity and I understand the concerns raised by Ruth Davidson and others, but I also detect more than a whiff of the pot calling the kettle black about Labour supporters criticising the Conservatives for being willing to deal with the present-day DUP.

For one thing, Labour themselves explored the possibility of coming to an arrangement at Westminster with the DUP twice in the last Decade.

And for another there is Jeremy Corbyn's record of talking to people, welcoming them in terms like "Our friends from Hamas" and indeed, praising them, when the record on gay rights of some of these people from Castro to Hamas to Iran makes the DUP look like a chapter of Stonewall.

Jeremy Corbyn took money from the Iranian State broadcaster to make appearances favourable to Iran. Here he is talking to a rally, where two minutes and 11 seconds into this clip Corbyn praises "inclusivity, tolerance and acceptance of other faiths" in Iran.

Iran hangs people for being gay.


Anonymous said...

I see you're still at it, shame on you.

Chris Whiteside said...

Still at what.

Shame on you too, whatever you are talking about.