Saturday, June 24, 2017

Armed Forces Day

Today is Armed Forces Day, a chance to celebrate the role our armed forces have played in defending our country and the world.

Britain's Royal Navy probably did more than any other military unit to wipe out the slave trade.

Britain's armed forces played a pivotal role in preventing megalomaniac after megalomaniac from taking over first Europe and then the world.

Without Britain's armed forces it is very likely that millions of people who are alive today would have been killed or never been born - anyone Jewish, Gypsy or Slavic, or anyone else the Nazis didn't like - and the rest of the world would be living in what Churchill accurately described as a new Dark age made all the more sinister by the lights of perverted science.

Let us be grateful for all our armed forces have done for Britain and the world.

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Jim said...

Lets thank them by not allowing them them to have the day off and instead march around all day.