Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Quote of the day 27th June 2017

"You cannot engage someone coming to Jesus on the physics of walking on water. They want Corbyn because he is honest and principled and will put an end to austerity.

When George Osborne announced a further £9bn cuts to welfare in 2015, the Labour front bench ordered MPs to abstain. Corbyn rebelled and parlayed anger at the compromise into backing for his leadership campaign. Now he is committed to implementing £7bn of those very same cuts if he reaches Number 10.

These are facts, but proof is no longer sufficient or relevant. No talking in church.

This same joyful credulity immunised the young from revulsion at Corbyn’s extreme views and associations. Corbynistas trill with unseemly glee that no one cares about the IRA or anti-Semitism.

Well, I care. I care that people don’t care. I care that a party I would like to be able to vote for is a furious foe of every brand of racism except one. I care that the historical record on the Troubles can be revised by ignorance and excused by those who know better simply because it is politically advantageous. I care because the margins are overcoming the mainstream."

(Stephen Daisley,  from a Spectator article called "Jeremy Corbyn and the cult of anti-knowledge")

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