Saturday, July 15, 2017

Communications issues continued

Can I repeat the apology given earlier to anyone who has been trying to contact me without success. I thought I had solved almost all the issues but this past fortnight some of them have returned with a vengeance.

I managed to trace the messages from all except one of the people who posted on Facebook that they were waiting for me to respond to them. (Most of them were in my SPAM filters. I have marked them as "trust mail from this sender" and am checking my filters on a regular basis.)

The county council set up an email account for me: there were a few dropped balls because some people tried to contact me on it before it was working, but that was sorted out and my county email account did work from late May until 2nd July 2017.

Unfortunately I am not able to access my county council email at the moment. I am trying to get this resolved but may have missed some messages.

If you tried to contact me on my county council email account after 2nd July, or if you have tried to contact me by electronic means and not had a response within ten calendar days, please assume that I did not get the message.

My home address is given on the imprint at the foot of this blog and on the Cumbria County Council website and I am in the telephone directory: the phone numbers on the directory and the CCC website are working.

 I repeat the apology for any convenience.

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