Saturday, July 22, 2017


Just come back with my wife from watching the film "Dunkirk" in the cinema.

Must confess to being very moved. It was a powerful film about a critically important event in our country's history. I can recommend the film.


Anonymous said...

Running away from those nasty foreigners

Chris Whiteside said...

Don't be so daft.

In fact, I was about to write "don't be so childish" but that would be an insult to most children.

This film was about a particular and pivotal event in history. Extrapolating from it to make generalisations about attitudes to foreigners in general is either very silly or downright dishonest.

Most foreigners are not nasty. British and French troops at Dunkirk, however were up against the people who were trying to kill them. The Wehrmacht and Luftwaffe, let alone the Waffen-SS, would be regarded by most reasonable people as fighting for a very nasty cause indeed - and as the overwhelming majority of modern Germans would share that view, expressing it is not xenophpbic against Germans.