Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Egremont Town Council

Attended Egremont Town Council this evening.

There were a number of issues discussed affecting the county council including the need to progress improvements to the A595 and traffic schemes through parts of the Town Council area such as Bigrigg and Egremont.

There were also a large number of residents present about the planning application currently with Copeland BC for a coach depot at the former County Council depot site in Baybarrow Road Egremont. This site was sold by the County Council prior to my election - there was concern expressed about it at the Egremont Town Council meeting in February - but local residents are particularly concerned at the potential greater impact of the current proposals.

I was asked to investigate a number of potential issues relating to this and will do so.


Anonymous said...

Egremont Clown Council I bet that was fun

Chris Whiteside said...

Most of the councillors on Egremont Town Council are of a different party affiliation to myself and I do not necessarily agree with their positions on all issues, far from it.

But I did not see a group of clowns, I saw a group of hard-working local people doing their best to represent their community and the voters who elected them.