Monday, July 03, 2017

Quote of the day 3rd July 2017

"Lawrence Fisher, a stripe-shirted 1980s Tory with smoky glasses, complained that a school in Brampton wrote a letter to the county council’s Legal and Democratic services department in November 2015.

'They are still waiting for a reply,' said Mr. Fisher curtly but in his politest voice.

Why someone would wait for two years for a reply wasn’t explained.

Stewart" (Cllr Ian Stewart, Labour leader of Cumbria County Council) "apologised and then chuckled.

'There is a standard practice for responding to letters and it is slightly less than November 2015…'

Cue lots of guffaws from his benches.

Lawrence wasn’t laughing. Neither are his constituents."

(Ellis Butcher a.k.a. Cumbria Journo, from his sketch about last week's meeting of Cumbria County Council which you can read in full here.)


Anonymous said...

Labour leader?

Chris Whiteside said...

That is, unfortunately, correct. Read the article.

Anonymous said...

This is the 'One Team' in action

Chris Whiteside said...

Perhaps you would please be kind enough to explain that comment because unfortunately "one team" is what we wanted but did not get.

No party won a majority at county hall. The Conservatives proposed an all-party administration - as it happens, exactly the approach which most of my non-Conservative friends on Facebook say we should have done nationally. The Labour and Lib/Dem groups decided to instead to form a Lib/Lab administration which does not quite have a majority without the support of at least one independent.

It's going to be a recipe for a bumpy ride.