Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Tuesday music spot: Cliff Richard "Out In The Country"

This cheerful and enjoyable tune makes me laugh for all the wrong reasons ...

In my early twenties I and some friends in the moderate wing of the late and unlamented FCS used to sing a range of modified songs taking the mickey out of out external opponents in NOLS (the National Organisation of Labour Students) and our internal opponents, e.g. the people who eventually got FCS shut down by Norman Tebbit for being too right wing.

No, that's not a joke.

These songs, most of them written by myself or Paul Goodman, were the student political youtube parodies of the eighties.

One of the best was a version of "In the Country" called "The International Secretary" in which the chorus was changed from "Out in the country" to "Out of the country" and a few more minor changes made the song all about the sort of student politician you can find on both left and right who spends more time supporting looney extremists on the other side of the world than campaigning to do anything useful in their own country.

Now which political party has a leader old enough to claim a pension who still behaves like that kind of student politician?

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