Sunday, July 16, 2017

Spoof articles and when people confuse fiction with reality ...

There have been some amusing spoof articles over the last few weeks.

London mayor Sadiq Khan has been accused of ignoring London's White Walker problem according to someone at News Thump who has perhaps been watching a little too much Game of Thrones.

The Evening Harold had an interesting post the day after the election:

Father Christmas returns to Narnia at last.

But the best post I've seen on a spoof website today isn't really a spoof at all, and it was posted eight years ago but is getting thrown up by search engines today because of a certain controversial announcement made within the past couple of hours.

Here is a link to a Daily Mash post in 2009 if you want to read how

"Fans of Doctor Who are reminded that it's a science fiction story for children."


(The same people did one more recently which WAS a spoof,

"New Doctor should be a Dalek, say Daleks,"

in which the Supreme Dalek complains that “It’s not the 1960s anymore. These narratives about heroic Gallifreyans saving humanoids from extermination are outdated and offensive ..."

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